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What to look for in a daycare?
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What Should I Look for When Choosing a Daycare?
Looking for the best daycare for your child can be a challenge. Finding the right environment is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We understand. That is why we have created this Childcare Decision Guide. Use it to assist you with your search. Take this guide with you when you visit us and other daycares so you can easily compare and make the best decision for yourself and your child.
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1. How did you feel when you entered the center? Did you feel comfortable and happy being there?
2. Was the center well-lit and clean?
3. Is the center safe and secure? Does the center provide pick-up cards to ensure hand-over of the child to designated people only?
4. Did the other children in the center seem happy and well-adjusted?
5. Does the center have designated areas with ample space for learning, playing, sleeping, eating, etc.?
6. Does the center have an open-door policy so that you can drop-in to check on your child anytime?
7. Is the center open during the summer vacation?
8. Are the meals cooked fresh? Are they nutritious and balanced?
9. What kind of milk is served to the children? Is the milk tetra pack milk?
10. Do the children have individual cots, blankets and sheets for nap time?
11. Are the children divided into age-appropriate groups to enable age-appropriate and focused learning?
12. Do the classes/groups have a daily/weekly time table and planned activities?
13. Does the center follow a curriculum?
14. Does the daily schedule provide balanced time for learning, playing, eating, sleeping, art, music & dance?
15. Do you receive a daily communication about your child’s activities, food and sleep?
16. Do the teachers communicate your child’s progress on a regular basis?
17. Does the center have a regular pediatrician visit? Will your child’s regular health check-up be taken care of by the pediatrician?
18. Does the center have low teacher to child ratio (not adult to child ratio)?
19. Did the center staff and teachers convey warmth and interest in you and your child?
20. Did you feel that you could speak openly and honestly about questions or concerns with the Center Head?
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