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Recent studies have shown that 30% children of urban affluent families in India are obese. Fast food consumption, watching TV and playing screen-based games were the main causes for their sedentary lifestyle. Only 11% of the children had outdoor games as a major recreation activity. Studies have also shown that as much as 30% of preschoolers of urban affluent families in India are overweight and one in every 9 preschooler is obese.

The problem is twofold, firstly children’s activity levels are simply not high enough and secondly too few children get an adequately balanced diet. Parents must encourage and support healthy eating and increased physical activity levels, in a way that is engaging for children.

A 2-hr play session with high intensity activity provides an average of between 6,000 and 8,000 steps towards a child’s recommend daily amounts – 12,000 steps a day for a girl and 15,000 steps a day for a boy.

At WeCare™, every center is built with outdoor play areas where the children can swing, slide, climb, skip, hop, jump, tumble and run freely.

We believe that freedom of choice is an essential component of a definition of play. Spontaneous child-initiated, imaginative play facilitates child development through: cognitive development, language development, problem-solving skills, divergent thinking and socialization.

Our daily routine and curriculum emphasizes children's play as we believe that it is not only a great learning experience, it also can affect their approach to physical exercise and activities in years to come.

12,000 steps a day for a girl
 15,000 steps a day for a boy
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