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There are five major food groups that make up the food pyramid. To ensure a good nutritious eating plan, a combination of these food groups is required daily to maintain good health.

The five groups and serving sizes for children in the age group of 2 to 6 is comprised of:

  1. Grains (including 1 slice of bread, ½ cup of cooked rice or pasta, ½ cup of warmed cereal, and 1 ounce of cereal).
    6 servings is an appropriate amount of grain for your child.
  2. Vegetable group servings include ½ cup of chopped raw or cooked vegetables, or 1 cup of raw or cooked leafy vegetables. It would be beneficial for your child's body and brain to eat
    2 servings from this group.
  3. Fruit group servings include 1 piece of fruit, 3/4 cup of 100% fruit juice, ½ cup of canned fruit or ¼ cup of dried fruit. Your child should eat 2 servings from this group.
  4. Milk group servings include 1 cup of milk or yogurt or 2 ounces of cheese. Be sure to provide your child with at least
    2 servings from this food group.
  5. Meat group servings include 2 to 3 ounces of cooked lean meat, poultry or fish, ½ cup of cooked dry beans. You can substitute 2 tablespoons of peanut butter or 1 egg for 1 ounce of meat. Two servings from this group should be eaten by your child.
Daily nutrition is important to the overall health of children. Proper nutrition can prevent many medical problems, including obesity, developing weak bones, and developing diabetes.

To ensure our children grow to their full potential, our safe food handling cooks apply these methods in our clean and hygiene kitchen:

  • Meals are planned in advance
  • A variety of food is prepared. Our everyday menu consists of a healthy mix of North Indian, South Indian and Continental items.
  • New items are introduced in the menu on a frequent basis
  • Starchy foods (like rice, wheat ‘atta’, bread, cereals, pasta and other grain products) form the main part of the meals
  • Fresh fruit of the season is provided everyday
  • Vegetables are disguised and served in every meal
  • Oil is used sparingly
  • Salt is used sparingly
  • Children are given lots of water, juices/soups and buttermilk everyday.
Grain – 6 servings
Vegetable – 3 servings
Fruit – 2 servings
Milk – 2 servings
Meat – 2 servings
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