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WeCare Team
Parents Resources
You are looking for a safe, secure "home away from home" where your child can learn, play and grow. We have designed a nurturing, creative world for infants to help their minds and bodies develop. Watch your infant take the first steps toward a bright future when sharing his or her early developmental experiences at WeCare.
Some features of the Infant section:
  • Individual cribs, mattresses, sheets, blankets and bibs
  • Nursing cabins
  • Hygiene and sterile environment – not every one is allowed in
  • High chairs for feeding
  • Walkers, bouncers, activity mats, crib mobiles, rattles, and many more age-appropriate and stimulating toys
  • Padded columns, ball pit and imported soft tumble toys
  • Grab bar to pull-up
  • Large glass to interact with older kids
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Before the age of six, a child learns from direct contact with the environment, by means of all the senses, and through movement.
T : 1800.3010.5630
F : 080.4152.2336
E : info@wecarelearning.com
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