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While most kids love to go outside and play there are times when the weather or other factors prohibit outdoor activity. Being cooped up inside needn't mean no play or activity though. We have plenty of things that children can do to stay active, even when they are stuck indoors.

Indoor play is not only great fun for kids but also provide huge health benefits with youngsters climbing, cycling, jumping, and pulling their way around the exciting play equipment. They see it as play but they are in fact gaining 'Exercise in Disguise'. The benefits of play in a child’s development both physically, socially and emotionally have been widely proved but unlike other activities, children don’t even realize the benefit to their health. Exercise in disguise is the phrase coined to describe this effect

All age groups have daily access to the indoor play areas equipped with ride-ons, bikes, cars, tunnels, climbing trees, ball pools, etc. Within this area children are encouraged to freely experiment with the toys and participate in light exercise; this is an ideal opportunity to build a child's confidence in movement.

Indoor play is a fantastic way for children to play in a safe and secure environment
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