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One of the highlights of the care @ WeCare™ is our Food Program.

As your child's care provider, we play an important role in helping your child learn about and enjoy a variety of nutritious foods. We understand parents’ anguish and challenges when it comes to ensuring that their children are eating healthy and balanced meals. It is our goal to provide a variety of healthy meals and snacks that are nutritious, safe and developmentally appropriate for your child.

Early food and eating experiences are the foundation for lifelong attitudes about food, eating behavior and food habits. Nourishing and attractive food is the cornerstone for health, growth and development as well as lifelong learning experiences.

By ensuring that our menu is consistent with current nutrition guidelines, we are taking necessary steps to make certain that while children are in their early and formative years, they have opportunities to enjoy healthful foods that promote proper growth and development and allow them to learn food preferences and dietary habits that prevent disease and support a lifetime of good health.

We have a certified and experienced nutritionist who plans our menu every week and ensures that it is wholesome and balanced. The food is prepared fresh daily – 3 times a day. Our cooks have the know-how to cook food ensuring the nutrient values are preserved. All our meals are hygienically prepared ensuring that the taste, texture, color and consistency are such that the children relish it.

Our menu also plays a role in the children’s education and in our celebrations – from having pancake, papaya, peas, etc. on the menu when “p” is being introduced to having delicious “holige”, “gujiya”, “tricolor sandwich”, “sheer korma”, “carrot cake” to celebrate various festivals.

Here are some other ways we ensure your child is getting clean and wholesome food:

  • The center serves only brown bread
  • We use only name brand tetra pack milk and curds
  • Vegetables, fruits & greens are bought fresh and straight from the farmers
  • All our cereals and grains are purchased at the best supermarkets in town
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Here is a sample weekly menu :
Days Breakfast Lunch Snack
9:30 / 10:00 12:30 / 13:00 16:30 / 17:00
Monday Veg. Noodles
Tomato Ketchup
Pumpkin Soup
Plain Rice
Veg. ‘Sambhar’
Cut Fruits
'Urad Vada'
Boost & Milk
Tuesday Veg. 'Dosa'
Tomato Chutney
Fresh Fruit Juice
'Palak Paneer'
Veg. Sticks
Cracker & Cheese
Chocolate & Milk
Wednesday Veg. Sandwich
Sweet Corn Veg. Soup
Tomato Rice
Cut Fruits
Spinach Cutlet
Almond Milk
Thursday Cereal & Milk
Cut Papaya
Carrot 'Paratha'
Veg. Sticks
Bread Butter Jam
Horlicks & Milk
Friday 'Rava Idly'
Coconut Chutney
Fresh Fruit Juice
'Methi' Peas Rice
Banana Custard
Veg. Burger
Boost & Milk
Keeping in mind common allergens and religious sentiments, we serve vegetarian, no egg and no peanut food.

We are equipped to cater to children with mild to severe food allergies. Please contact our Center Heads for further information and guidance.

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Feed your children foods that are rich in nutrients such as whole-wheat products, cereals, fruits, vegetables and milk with moderate portions of meat, fats and added sugar.
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F : 080.4152.2336
E : info@wecarelearning.com
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