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Our focus at WeCare™ is to provide holistic developmental opportunities to our children which includes personal, social, creative and emotional development as well as language, math and literary development.

We realize that each child is unique with individual learning styles and abilities; it is important to nurture all forms of intelligences to lay the foundation for fulfilling a child’s potential. Our integrated curriculum uses the Multiple Intelligence approach to nurture and develop your child's intelligences.

More about MI Jolly Phonics
Growing with Mathematics
Music and movement is an integral part of the classroom activities and children are given exposure to various forms of art. Story-telling and puppet theatre also form a part of the daily routine of the child.

Children use play to make sense of the world. What may look like ‘child’s play’ to an adult is actually learning in progress. Children learn when they are actively involved and interested. Through role-play children develop problem solving, social and communication skills.

Multiple Intelligence
Jolly Phonics
Growing with Mathematics
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