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Children are individuals with unique talents, capabilities and aspirations. These qualities need to be nurtured in order for children to flourish in their development.

Children have a natural sense of curiosity. We hope to facilitate this by providing a stimulating, healthy and caring environment.

Children are social. The early emotional bonds are fostered through a loving accepting environment where their own special uniqueness is nurtured.

Children are creative. These young artists of song, dance, paint and thought infuse their own individuality into every experience they encounter.

Children are active. They need to stand, hop, step, jump, roll, tumble, leap and run. The desire to know and explore actively is the essence of childhood.

We recognize that children experience life at their own level. We support this by accepting each child for their uniqueness and challenging their own interests, talents and abilities. Each child's individuality will be recognized and respected. When children are valued, they will be confident to develop their own potential.

You are special
You are the ONLY one
You are the ONLY one like you
There isn’t another one
In the whole wide world
who can do the things you do
‘Cause you are special
You are special
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